Fast, Scalable DeFi is here.

Telos, the mass adoption, open finance platform led by visionary trailblazers

Why Telos?

Telos’ Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability. Enjoy instant transactions and low fees.

5000+ Transactions Per Second

Telos processes thousands of transactions per seconds and extends to do even more.

Flexible user freindly fee models

Two cost models – Developer pays on Telos Native or from 1c on Telos EVM

No Front Running

Telos’ validator nodes process transactions in the order they are received leaving no nasty surprises.

Amendable Governance

The visionary Telos stakeholders aligned to propose and initiate positive change

BTC & ETH Scaling

Peg tokens like BTC, ETH and USDT onto Telos for fast, fee-less user transactions. Scale Ethereum DeFi with Telos EVM

Human Friendly Names

Unique easy to remember human readable names for everyone

One Blockchain

Two Leading Protocol Technologies


Telos natively runs eosio C++ smart contract technology. The leading decentralized stack for high throughput decentralized applications.


Telos is the first EVM compatible blockchain built on eosio. Deploy and run your Ethereum dApps using TelosEVM for the most performan DeFi available.

An inspiring Roadmap

Q1 – Decide

The next generation of Stakeholder driven Governance is near. Decide gets new UI’s and upgrades

Q1 – dStor

Global Storage cheaper and more performant than Amazon S3

Q2 – EVM

The Second layer Ethereum solution minus front running, high fees and ethereum wait times

Q3 – Private

Transactions need to be verifiable and yet private, like in the real world only faster.

Q3 – ID

Reputation and authentication layer for the Telos Blockchain

Q4 – Location

Proof of Location, Verifiable location proofs for airdrops, gamification, and deliveries.

What is Telos?

Telos is the open internet economy

Scalable DeFi Blockchain for Commerce accross multiple indistries

Blockchain network – all records are immutable, timestamped and unchangeable. A networks securing 100s of millions of USD in Assets

Visionaries and trailblazers support, build and and govern a network like no other, a network that enables projects to thrive

100s of projects, companies and initiatives operating on a shared ledger.

Telos enables possibility

Every Industry, every project that interacts with value can be improved with Telos

Telos forms part of the new layer of the internet we are calling web 3.0.

Web 1.0 focused on 1 way distribution of information

Web 2.0 on 2 way collective content creation

Web 3.0 enables collective value creation and distribution.

Like previous generations of the internet the possibilities are vast

Trustless Loans including Flash Loans

Instant Payments and Remittances

Non Fungible Assets including music rights, collectables, art, property ownership

Reward Mechanisms and Gift Cards

Trustless Asset Exchange and Settlement

Over 100 projects build on Telos

Over 600k user accounts and growing

Telos in the market

Latest on Telos

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