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We are very excited to announce this new strategic partnership and aim for it to be the first in a long line of innovative new dApps, joining over 100+ others, making their home on the Telos blockchain. 




Go for ignition

T-Starter aims to act as the launchpad and incubator for both new and existing projects, particularly in the DeFi space, highlighting the lightning-fast transaction speeds, scalability, and negligible fees as their main reasons for choosing Telos as their home. 

The project intelligently utilises Telos’ unique selling points, combining cross-chain bridges and a fixed-pool swap platform to allow projects to raise funds more efficiently & cost-effectively than currently available on any other chain.  

Telos solves the problem of high gas fees, which makes small value transactions unaffordable, excluding many users from participating in swap pools. Leveraging this model, T-Starter aims to allow a whole new audience of people to get involved in token sales and swap pools for the first time. 


More than just feeless transactions




T-Starter has a lot more in its sights than bringing swap pools to a broader audience; in a clear signal that the project is devoted to fairness and inclusivity, T-Starter creator Rory Mapstone talks about how too many people have been blocked out of other successful launchpad platforms, such as Polkastarter and Paid Network,  

“Although projects like Polkastarter and Paid Network are trailblazers in the swap pool space, I think we can look at them and learn from what worked and what didn’t. 

An element I don’t want to repeat with T-Starter is locking people out from participating based on how early they got their tokens or how much money they have. 

As the prices for both POLS and PAID rocketed, it has created a barrier to entry for anyone who can’t afford the arbitrary number of tokens that are needed to take part, which in most cases is a lot”.

T-Starter brings a new and creative approach to allowing entry to their swap pools, championing a model that combines ownership of the START token with staking. All projects looking to launch on T-Starter are also vetted, ensuring every project is doxxed, and there is no risk of rug-pull. 


Structure and support for launch on Telos 


Ultimately, T-Starter will create a framework for both new and existing projects to launch on Telos -providing a much-needed structure for new developers, as well as access to fundraising. 

Telos already has over 100 dApps on the blockchain, from social media to gaming, organisation to information. The development with T-Starter will only make the process of launching on Telos more attractive. 

We are delighted to welcome T-Starter to Telos and cant wait to see how they grow and evolve over 2021. 

For more information on T-Starter, including tokenomics. How to participate in the seed round token swap, and more, please visit their medium page: https://t-starter.medium.com/ 

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If you have a question or would just like more information please contact us by email

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